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Just trying to make this wellness journey a little bit easier…

Whether its navigating the grocery store or practical tools to manage stress, I’ve got you covered!

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Here’s what others are saying…

“April helped me learn the proper way to fuel my body, how to be a better me, and how to incorporate this into my family’s day to day life.” – Renee

“The past 2 years have brought some difficult situations in my life…it impacted my self-esteem and I didn’t have the energy to keep up with all the demands of life. What was different about April’s program was that she was educating me on how to make changes that were sustainable…" – Lindsey

“This time last year I wore a size 20 jeans…today I’m wearing a size 10!!! Down 85lbs!" – Mandy

"I had a lot of junk in this body from IVF and having a baby who was only 11 months old. My husband and I considered a second baby but knew we would need IVF again… but after April’s program, amazing guidance and helpful videos, we got naturally pregnant!" – Nicole

"As my husband battled brain cancer, April helped us make dietary changes to ease the effects of treatment and help prevent recurrence…" – Ellie

"When I began working with April, my entire soul, body and mind needed healing. Her tender loving attitude and careful planning, along with her extensive knowledge has changed my entire life so much for the better, with new outlooks and new ways of managing life!" – Betty

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Old Fashioned Shepherd’s Pie

Old Fashioned Shepherd’s Pie

The weather is finally showing signs of Fall and I am here for it!  When the evenings get darker earlier, it's time to get cozy and this one-pan meal checks all the cozy boxes! Although it doesn't take long to whip up (maybe 20 minutes of hands-on time?), there...

Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Lemon Rosemary Chicken

This recipe is adapted from a lovely experience that I had at my friend Pearl’s house! I received a phone call on my way home from the airport that my friend was having a really rough day and a few of us were gathering at her house to support her. As soon as...

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

Bone broth hot chocolate??? It sounds a little questionable; maybe even wacky, but trust me, my version of hot chocolate is rich, creamy and decadent, plus its loaded with amino acids and nutrients. The bone broth gives is an earthy flavor that will keep you guessing...